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At IGC we strive to deliver the most comprehensive learning and talent development to our clients and students. We use several technology systems to help us do this but the most effective tool we have thus far is the learning management system. We do have the ability for you to add in advanced E-learning course formats, like scorm. For example, if I launch this training, you will see that it comes packed with some great interactive features. For example, I can resume where I left off, or I can even go to the beginning of the training to take this course. I'm just going to scroll through this very quickly. So, suggest examples of software and activity that you can create in your training, and it's really dependent on what each customer wants to do. Okay?

What's cool about this kind of training is that it is simple to deploy across multiple types of devices, mobile devices, laptops, smartphones and so on and so forth, HTML 5, so it's super easy to deploy across, for example, a network with drivers. All you need is access to the internet to be able to have secure access to this training software.

Here's an example of the how the training system can work for you:

Now let me go back to my home real quick here. I'm going to check out a few things. For example, I've got events that are coming up that have been approved. You can actually use the system to deploy and track, for example, webinars, or in classroom trainings. Last, but not least, we can look at the training paths section here, but in this case we are focused in on the self enrollment training paths. Now, a self enrollment training path is a way for HR and the training department to put together some trainings that would be put into a section that employees can voluntarily go and enroll themselves in. It's really a way for you to go to the library, if you will, and check out content for yourself. It's super easy to do. You just go in there, click on the self enrollment training path that you are interested in and click on the enroll button that you see here.

I know some of you are concerned with some of the classes we have for project management. Yes project management is a difficult subject and certainly being a professional in this space is hard to do however what we continue to find is that with the right software tools, you can significantly improve your performance management IQ. Many of you have asked us to recommend project management software. Make sure to visit this WhataSoftware.com for business software reviews and to get the latest in reviews and recommendations.